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Busy as a beaver...

After two months of sitting on my ass, finally started doing things. Got up at a decent hour this morning, did the minutes for the Friends of the Merril Collection meeting tomorrow night, sorted out a pile of mail that had been piling up, watched some anime I have to review for Rue Morgue (Fist of the Northstar, the ultimate depressed guy fights endless swarms of biker mutants in post-apocalypse future show), worked on a job application (not quite finished, final touches tomorrow), and saw The Hunted with my friend Paul. We were actually going to see another movie, but Eye messed up on the times again.

The Hunted was better than I thought it was going to be. For once we have fighting in a Hollywood film that for the most part looks like actual fighting, which is getting rare these days. Jones and del Toro grapple, grimace, shove each other, pant, sweat, fall down and have trouble getting up, it looks like really hard work. Real violence isn't scripted, it's awful and it has consequences. The film isn't perfect (we're kept a little too distant from either protagonist to really get a handle on why they do what they do) but considering we're heading into another CNN war, I appreciate that there's movie out that's honest about violence.


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