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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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The sun is shining!

It was great out yesterday. I had taken a dozen steps outside my door and decided I could risk switching my heavy jacket for my light one. Considering I ended up unzipping my light jacket when I was in the sun, it was the right decision. I know I should be working on job-search stuff, but it's so hard when the weather's turned nice!

My one fear was I'd get another flood of water into my apartment, which has happened twice over the past few months, and seems to be related to snow-melt. I takes forever to dry out my rugs, not to mention any books or magazine I happen to have lying around (on the floor). But chipping away at the ice and keeping it clear outside next to the problem area seems to have fixed the problem. Also making that the run-off pipe from the roof is properly directed into the drain (which is also just outside).

However, the sun seems to have woken up something else. I didn't get water, but I got the teeny-tiny ants again over the weekend. So I've got the traps out.