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Job Search

Made some real job search progress yesterday. Went to talk to Haig, one of my old bosses, who left my old company when it was bought out and started his own little one. See, my old company was the Canadian distributor of ANSYS, a structural analysis code, and we had been bought out by ANSYS' biggest competitor, so that has to go. Haig and a few other guys left so they could keep selling ANSYS.

Right now the main thing they're doing is distributing ANSYS, but they are doing a small amount of consulting work and are looking for more. Not only did I get a lot of leads, but Haig will pass my resume on to any potential employers he talks to. Also, he asked if they could include my resume in some job proposals they send out, and he'll be able to give me a contact position if the job comes in. Not bad for an afternoon. The place is even easy to reach via public transit.


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