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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Gifts that don't keep on giving?

I have a gift-giving etiquette issue I'm looking for advice on. I'm a little leery about buying friends subscriptions or memberships for magazine/museums/etc as Xmas presents, even if I think they'll enjoy them, because they run out after a year, and then said friend is sort of under pressure to spend the money themselves to renew them. I feel like I'm putting them under something of an obligation to do so. Of course I could renew it myself for ever, but maybe I won't want to do that. Any opinions?

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I've been gifted magazine subscriptions before and I feel no pressure whatsoever to continue the subscription after it expires.

Actually I think a museum membership is a better idea, if it's comparable in price - I used to have a sub to the New Yorker and boy, the magazines just pile up and pile up and eventually you have a big stack of magazines you have to do something with. You don't want to throw them out because you've gotten behind in your reading and you want to get caught up, and before you have a chance to get caught up, bam, another one arrives in the mail.

Something else I forgot to mention elsewhere: I've got a tonne of stuff. I don't need more stuff. But something like this? Cool.

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Cool post…can you tell me where Overlay.TV showed up on that list? We were trying, but also trying not to be spammy…

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