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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Bixi and the election

Was at the Bixi Toronto event at the Steam Whistle last night, where they announced that they had achieved the 1000 subscribers they need to get the City of Toronto funding to start the project next spring. Bixi is a commute bike service that places bike stations around the city, and subscribers can obtain bikes from one and drop them off at other, riding them for short time periods. It's been very successful in Montreal and in Europe.

I haven't signed up myself (likely would have if they needed a few more people to get the service going) because the initial zone of operation is between Spadina and Jarvis, Bloor and the lake, and that's just too far to the east of me to be much use, especially as you can only ride the bikes for 1/2 hour before you have to pay extra fees. If there was a station near my place, they would be great to just zip over the Merril or downtown, if I was planning on doing a bunch of errands and didn't want to take my bike, but for now I'll wait and see if they expand the service once they get it going.

Got to ride a Bixi bike, which is a good deal heavier than my own (understandable, as they want to make them as sturdy as possible) but not bad otherwise, think I'd get used to it about a ride or two.

I've decided to vote for Karen Sun for my Ward 19 councillor (impressed by her at the meeting I attended, first-rate background and experience), but for mayor I can't decide yet. I'd personally prefer Joey Pants over Smitherman, but Joey is running seriously behind right now and I would hate to see Ford get in. Eye Weekly last week said we should hold our noses and vote strategically to keep Ford out, but Now countered that you should vote your beliefs, not your fears. The victory of the progressive Muslim candidate for mayor in Calgary certainly echoes that sentiment. Why should good people bother to run if we're going to vote for the mediocre guy cause we figure he's going to be the winner? And there's the theory that Ford would be such a wake-up call we could get some one decent in office next time.

Got less than a week to make up my mind.

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I'm actually glad I no longer live in Toronto. Though I wish you all a Rob Ford - Free future.

P.S. if it were me, I'd vote strategically. But I have before... so I'm totally fine with the concept.

P.S. Bought a bike. Nothing fancy. Spent 400. Just to get me on a bike again, and see if I like it to invest more.

$400 can get you a decent bike. If you're looking for bike routes in your neck of the woods (for commuting or just riding) try www.bikely.com

Ahh... the lovely first past the pole system. Well, it's actually really simple: hold your nose and vote for George or your vote will be wasted and you'd be boosting Ford! Do you really want Ford to win with less then 40% of the votes (like Harper/PC took Ottawa)?

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