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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Quick Hits

Visited Nfld. for five days with my brother to catch up with the family out there (older brother and older sister). Everyone is doing well, and is busy as usual. Rebecca, the oldest niece competed in her first triathlon and did pretty well (she does well in school AND she's a jock, both of which should serve her well). Dave and I walked up Signal Hill one very nice day, taking the trail that runs along the Narrows, the entrance to St. John's harbour. I always forget how crazy that trail is, it's narrow with shear drops down to the water in places without a railing, and you've got people going in both directions with pets and kids. There's one point where you've got a cliff face on your left with a chain set into it and a straight drop into the water on your right, so you've got to hang on for dear life. At least the view from the top (of the city and the ocean) is worth it.

Attended Son of Kung Fu Friday at the Toronto Underground Theatre last Friday, an informal event Colin Geddes said he hopes to hold a few times a year. You got $2 off if you wore your "I am a Kung Fu Friday Disciple" button, which Colin gave out a few years back when he ended Kung Fu Friday's, and which is one of my Treasured Possessions. The movie was Mad Monkey Kung Fu, which has the same plot as every film the Shaw Brothers ever made, but was a lot of fun as usual. Afterwards, went over to the Royal York as benet was in town for a night, and got to hang out with him for a bit.

Saturday went geocaching with Paul Hirst in Taylor Creek park. A geocache is a plastic container with a notebook and a few small items. People hide them in public spaces (like parks), publish the latitude and longitude, obtained by a GPS, and then you with your GPS try to find them. You sign the notebook and are encouraged to take an item, leaving another one in its place. Paul and I have been meaning to do this since forever, and finally got scheduled and the weather to match up. We (well Paul), found six all told in a couple of hours looking thru the underbrush that got me cover in spiderwebs and insect bites, but it was a lot of fun. In the evening I tried to catch up with some friends for the Scott Pilgrim movie, but thanks to the subway delay at Bay Station I got there 25 minutes late and decided not to go in. So I finished reading the John Dickson Carr novel I had with me. Managed to guess the murderer in this one, but not all the details of how he did it.

Sunday i was going to be leading a ride with the bike club, but the forecast up to midnight Saturday was showers and a possible thunderstorm, and as we were going to be riding out to Rouge Hill and up to Steeles, returning past the zoo, with no real cover along the way I thought it prudent to postpone till next Sunday. So of course the rain held off till the late afternoon when the ride would have been over. Sigh. So I did some riding myself, saw the Cecilia String Quartet in the Music Garden, and went over to davemerrill and dwinghy's place in the evening to watch Locke the Superman, a pretty kick-ass anime movie from the 80s that still hasn't gotten a DVD release. Also saw most of The Sea Prince and the Fire Child, a non-kick-ass release from the 80s that looked very Disney, but had massive pacing problems. When it takes 30 of 108 minutes for your Romeo and Juliet characters to actually meet, that's not good.