Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

I'm back

Well, I haven't posted here in a long while, haven't I?

In brief, Anime North went well. On to recent stuff.

Erratic weather has made getting a lot of cycling in a problem over the last month. I did do the full 75 km in the Ride for Heart two weekends back now (and got rained on while doing it) which I am pretty proud of, especially as I had to get up at 5:30 AM to make the start time (between 6:45 - 7:10 AM). So when it was over I found myself back home having cycled 85 km total before noon and the whole day still ahead. Which I pretty much spent lying on the couch watching DVDs. But the fact that practically every weekend is gloomy and raining is going to make it tough for me to make my goal of rolling my bike odometer over this year.

moon_custafer and green_trilobite had their 5th anniversary party on the weekend in the party room of their building, with Doctor Who theme and incidental music in the background and a Dalak on the cake. We made very merry (to quote Samuel Pepys). Big Congrats to you two! Caught up with a bunch of people.

Sunday was busy day. Had brunch with Joel and Melanie. Through begging and pleading I got them to help out with the autograph lines at the con this year (short of people for a whole bunch of reasons) and a) they had fun, which was good, and b) I got some good feedback from Joel about it. After that I watched some baseball in Christie Pits, the Toronto Maple Leafs clobbered the London Majors 6-1 in the first half of a double header. They won the second one as well, which I didn't stay around for because...

I was off to the Foxes Den for the boardgame meetup. Everyone was already playing when I got there, so I watched a game of RoboRally (and figured out the rules). When one player had to leave, I too his place, but then the game was won at practically the beginning of the next turn, so I'll have to wait till next time for a real chance to play. But I came in second in a game of Ticket to Ride (Europe), and second in a game of Carcassone (I was too cautious, if I had taken a chance in building that city bigger I would have won). But I had to leave at 7:30 PM because ...

I was meeting my brother at the Keg Mansion for out post-Anime North steak dinner, which the Keg is a good place for. Last time we were there we made the mistake of asking for a bread refill (it's good bread), which filled us up too much for the steak. Didn't do that this time. After that we took in the season finale of Breaking Bad, which was very good, it'll be a long wait till next season.

And that was the weekend.
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