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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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It was so nice on the weekend I got my bike out. On Saturday I was at the ROM for most of the day at a Greek Archaeology Seminar (eight speakers on a wide range of topics, and I caught up with my friend Mici as well) but got home in time to oil by bike, check the tires, and take a spin about the block. Sunday I had plans to go down to a bike show at the CNE with a friend. I set out in the morning on my bike, but it was so overcast and cold I was worried I had made a big mistake. But after I left the show the sun was out and it was a lot warmer, so I made it out to the end of the Beaches boardwalk and back. Still, I'm out of shape, that ride would have been nothing to me last fall, but I was kind of tired in the evening.

The bike show was really for people willing to drop a few grand, if I wanted to get a $6000 bike for only $5200 it was the place to be. But I got a lot of bike maps and info on cycling in different areas around the province. The Bike Train is really expanding east or west now which will open up brand new territory for me.