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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Week of the Arts...

Heard from the Test the Nation people that my brother and I were in the top 20% of those taking the test, which makes me feel better.

It's been an arts week so far. Monday was at the Gardner Museum (really have to go through there in detail) for an event with Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki, hosted by Soundstreams, on being an artist in communist Poland. Among other accomplishments in 1980 he was commissioned by Lech Walesa ("A peculiar man") to compose a piece to accompany the unveiling of a statue at the Gdańsk shipyards to commemorate those killed at anti-government riots there in 1970. It was a great talk and they provided great hot finger food.

Tuesday I was down at the Reservoir Lounge to see (hear) Tyler Yarema and (unsurprisingly) meet MK there. Didn't have a great line of sight to the stage (the place isn't well laid out and it full of columns) but the music was great.

Tonight was the Book Publishers' Professional Association, who have events most months at the Arts and Letter club downtown. Today was a review of the best and worst book covers of 2009, and it was a hoot. The panel had a lot of interesting (and funny) things to say about what makes a cover work (or not). And I noted down some titles to try and get to. Yeah, I really need more books.