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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Test The Nation

Back from Test the Nation. Sigh. The Twins team came in last. I've pretty pleased with my performance however, although I did get flustered a few times and that cost me. Trying to figure out the picture clues on a big screen far from you wasn't easy, as was not being able to use a pen and paper (which I'm sure all you people to home used!).

There was more than one familiar face there in the waiting room prior to the show in the Nerds and Atheists team, and it looked like every team (except the Atheists) got costume instructions from the CBC. The Twins has to dress alike (duh), Nerds in costumes, Athletes in uniforms, Politicians in their party colors (with signs), and the Believers has a range in interesting headdresses. The Roller Girls were skating around the whole floor, and the Nerds were getting a lot of pictures taken of them.

The whole thing was fun overall, and I congratulate the Nerds for their victory. I'm also glad the Atheists did well, and the Politicians had a lot of shots taken at them, which I'm happy about too.