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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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I like this comic

And for the record, I think that the evidence is overwhelming that a) the climate is warming, and b) human activity is at least a significant cause of this. This big question is, by how much? 2-3 degrees C would probably be manageable (except if you're a Pacific island), but 5-6 degrees would drastically shift weather patterns worldwide. Based on the models to date (which are admittedly incomplete) I think 2-3 degrees is inevitable (goodbye Pacific islands) and 5-6 is increasingly likely by 2100.

On a lighter note, if you're not reading Stupid Comics (the work of our own davemerrill), this Xmas themed edition is a great place to start.

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That has always been my question for the global warming deniers, who posit some sort of vast conspiracy to fool the world into not polluting. Apparently it involves those millionaire climatologists who ride around in limos. And there's some sort of socialist "take money away from rich people" conspiracy in there as well. It's all very vague and without any evidence whatsoever. Unlike, say, anthropogenic climate change.

I, too, was confused by Skele-Santa's fat belly. Possibly he's using his seasonal job at the mall to shoplift designer beanbag furniture?

Anthropogenic global warming

I for one am not convinced of the "anthropogenic" part of global warming. Will a kind soul point me in the right direction to damning data that supports this assertion? I tried reading through the IPCC4 report and I found the anthropogenic claim to be poorly supported by the data presented.

Re: Anthropogenic global warming

Scientific American has a pretty good summation at the link below.


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