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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Odds and Sods

Haven't been posting, but it hasn't been slow...

Had the Anime North staff brunch at the Imperial Buffet last Sunday. Great turnout and quite good food too. Got some required face-to-face business done as well. Once we get past New Year's, it'll be time to kick con planning into high gear.

Also on the weekend dropped into the SFContario meeting (I've not involved with the planning, I'm just a Nosy Parker), and attended a choral performance of the Alexander Singers, which Regina and Jessica were preforming in, in fine voice I might add. There was also the Small Press Book Fair (saw kelpqueen there) at which I picked up a surprising amount of stuff considering I don't really go in for poetry chapbooks. My friend Myna was also reading at the Central one evening and I dropped by that as well.

I've gotten two free lunches out of Anime North hotels in the past week (my only perk).

Last night was a Sherlock Holmes night at the Toronto Reference Library, they had a presentation on Holmes in the movies (a surprising number of actors who have played Holmes have also played Dracula, don't know what to make of that). They also showed Terror by Night, one of the last outings of Basil Rathborn as Holmes. Amusing, but slight. Holmes makes massive leaps of logic and Nigel Bruce's Watson is about one step away from a nursing home. Turner Classic Movies is showing Holmes films all evening on Xmas day, undoubtedly a tie-in to the new film coming out that day as well.

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Turner Classic Movies is showing Holmes films all evening on Xmas day

Eeeeeee. Thank you. I did not know that.

My brother and I will be watching all of the anime series The Last Exile that day, but enjoy Sherlock!

You do know you are completely welcome, right?

(ok, everyone who is interested is welcome)

Which reminds me, does Anime North have a laminator that we could borrow/rent?

Sorry, that's the one thing we don't have.

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