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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Recent Stuff...

Attended a talk on Dark Matter at U of T.

Tagged along on the SFContario walkthru of their hotel, the Ramada Plaza on Jarvis. Nice space, good restaurant, and very nice guest rooms (with free wireless). As the hotel originally dates from 1928 (don't worry, it's been renovated since) the guest rooms are significantly bigger than you'd find in modern hotel.

Had my physical, and all is well. Got the flu shot while I was at it.

Decreed that the bike is now locked up till spring, barring any wondrous warm weather on the weekends. Pedalled just over 3200 km in 2009.

Started to get back into the stairmaster at the gym on a regular basis. The first time was total rough going, but I'm getting back into the swing of it now.

Saw Fantastic Mr. Fox with Regina. Great movie, highly recommended. It's stop-motion Wes Anderson from a book by Roald Dahl so it would have really have had to work at it to not appeal to me.

Had dim sum with some friends on Sunday, and that evening had Dave over to watch a couple of Hong Kong movies starring Simon Yam (running around with a fanny pack, as he does throughout Eye in the Sky, is NOT a good look for him, but I think that was the point).

Attended this year's big Toronto concert of Nagata Shachu, a totally kick-ass taiko drumming group. Their shows always blow me away and this year's may have been their best yet. We had them at Anime North this year, and it's a shame they are already booked for our weekend in 2010. There's always 2011.

The Center for Inquiry is starting Cafe Skeptic meetups once a month, and I dropped in on the first at the Future Bakery. Couldn't stay long, which was a shame, as Nagata Shachu was that night.

Attended the 20th anniversary of the Serial Diners. Big crowd. Retired after the meal to Jeff's place for some games hosted by Jason, something we unfortunately haven't done in a long time (people having families, other things to do, etc) so it was fun to do it again.

Got invited by Janet to the TIFF volunteers wrap-up party (free pizza and avintage film on how film projection actually works) and after that made it to the launch of Tightrope Books Best Canadian Essays 2009, which I have got to start reading.