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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Well, the Kindle is finally going to be available in Canada. I'm really tempted, especially as its price has come down a lot (and the Canadian dollar is high). But I'm iffy about being "locked in" with Amazon so completely, and I like some of the features (and the look) of the Nook (touchscreen, ability to lend books to friends) but it's not available outside the US, and no word on when it will be.

Ebook readers are at the point now where there will be something better along in three months, so what I need to do is make a ist of what I want out of one, wait till it comes, and buy it then.

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I'm not buying anything with lock in.

Yeah, but the Kindle comes with free access to Wikipedia at all times, and apparently a GPS linked into Google Maps. That is pretty cool.

I'm so tempted... and yes, the lock in idea sucks, but oh, I'm so tempted.

Last night I found out that Asus is working on a duel-screen reader, hinged like a book, and maybe in color. Now THAT's tempting.

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