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Saw Daredevil with some friends last Friday (yeah, yeah, I know it was five days ago but I've been sick, remember?). Mixed feelings overall. I liked parts of the movie very much and other part not much at all. Minor spoilers follow.

The opening sequence with young Matt Murdock and his dad was wonderful, best part of the movie. The pacing was good, story-telling was good, and the kid was great. The film-makers took a delirious delight here in name dropping a lot of the best-known writers and artists of the comic, not to mention one of Stan Lee's best cameos. I'm sure the rest of the (apparently non-comic reading) audience was confused as to why this bunch up front kept hooting and clapping for no reason that they could see.

As for the rest of the movie... Ben Affleck made a good Matt Murdock in his scenes with his partner Foggy (Annoyance: he's never referred to as "Foggy" in the whole movie! Andrew says he was called "Frank" at one point.), but he never seems to quite inhabit the role otherwise. Jennifer Gardner was just not very interesting as Electra. It felt like they got together just because they were the two best looking people in the film. Micheal Clarke Duncan was the Kingpin (besides, he's about the only actor in Hollywood who could play the role without needed a bulk suit), Joe Pantoliano was also great as reporter Ben Urich, although for the movie he was working for the New York Post instead of the Daily Bugle. As the Spider-Man movies are being made by a different studio, I imagine there would be copyright problems. Bullseye I can't figure out if I liked or not, he was such a freak he was entertaining to watch but difficult to take seriously.

Practically the last third of the movie is a running fight scene. All action movies these days are guilty of bad filming during fight scenes, and Daredevil isn't an exception. There's so much quick cutting that's it's impossible to really follow what's going on. There's no sense that athletics or grace are involved anymore, and I miss that.

While I did enjoy the movie, like Spider-Man I can't say I'll be lining up to see it again. X-Men, which completely rocked, still holds the first place in my heart for live-action comic adaptations. They ran the trailer for the sequel right before the movie, can't wait!


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