Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons


Because you can't get enough of what I've been up to.

Hung out with davemerrill and dwinghy and watched the awesome J-Men Forever, an edited-together-and-redubbed collection of various old movie serials (in which Captain Marvel becomes the Caped Madman). Completely hilarious, and I could not believe afterwards that it was from 1979, something that good could have only come from the personal computer age.

As part of my resolution to hear more classical music, went to a performance at Trinity College of the Cecilia String Quartet, which was awesome in a completely different way. An hour and a half of amazing strings, that the audience was so small was criminal.

Last weekend managed to get some riding as as the weather finally improved. Made it out to Oshawa (70 km) for also certainly the last time this year on the Saturday. Dave came over in the evening and we watched Speed Racer, which was great, and undeservedly panned by the critics. The only thing the DVD lacked was an actual old episode for the show as an extra.

Sunday was busy. Rode the bike into work first thing in the morning for an hour or so, as I needed to get a report to the Americans for Monday morning (Thanksgiving holiday here) and I just couldn't finish it on Friday. It let me get some extra riding in at least. In the afternoon went to a meeting of a board game meetup group I had just found out about. They meet once a month at the Foxes Den and play (complicated) (German) board games all day. Had a go at Thurns and Taxis, which is about the establishment of the German postal system, and a lot of fun regardless.

In the evening went over to the Penney's for some Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks guys!

Monday sat around playing Runescape on the computer until the evening, when my brother and I (and Janet, making a surprise visit) met with Aaron for a farewell dinner before he heads off to a new life in Costa Rica. With his four cats.

But Tuesday I was at the TRL for one of the first events in the new Bram and Bluma Appel Salon series. They've recently completed new large meeting and event space at the TRL, and have a whole pile of author events and the like planned for it. Tuesday was Anne Marie Tremonti interviewing Tim Flannery, an Australian author on The Weather Makers, his book on climate change. Excellent turnout and a good evening.
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