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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Nuit Blanche

Had a pretty good time this year. Cool but the rain held off. I wandered around till about 2:30 AM. Yes, I'm not hardcore for not going till daylight but that's just me

I stuck to roaming between the Bloor/University and Bay/King areas. There was a lot of decent stuff going on over in Liberty Village, but that was too far to head to on foot.

On Bloor checked out the Shoe Museum (NB is the only time I ever visit it) and the ne wposter exhibit at the Japan Foundation. Tried to get into the new Music Conservatory, but a) couldn't figure out how to get in, the main entrance on Bloor was an Exit Only, and b) once I did figure it out (off of Philosophers Walk) there was too long a line. My brother managed it and said it was pretty cool, loads of musicians playing single notes all throughout the building.

Dropped by St. Andrew's on Huron as the Windermare String Quartet was going to play there (I like string quartets) and they had some sort of Galileo/science display going, which was kind of weird. There was a telescope which it you looked thru, all you saw was Marx (?) and a collection of stamps with dead astronauts. There were images of the planets as recorded by Galiloe, which was cool, and the music was good. They even had snacks.

Walked down to Cinematheque (seeing a few inconsequental things on the way) as they were showing George Melies' A Trip to the Moon all night, plus some of his other shorts. There was a short line to get in, but they were letting people in constantly as other people left. Melies really invented movie special effects, and the shorts, which I had never seen before, were a lot of fun. A Trip to the Moon is his masterpiece, and I could watch it all day. Butthere was other stuff to see.

The Music Gallery featured the Bouncing Bride, a 3 metre wedding cake with a women in a bridal dress jumping on a trampoline at the top while they played 70s dance music. You could climb up and jump with here. Way more amusing than it had any right to be.

Bay Street was money themed. On Bay itself were two midway rides that they claimed were being operated by recently downsized financial company employees. They were all wearing suits at least. Also checked out Monopoly with Real Money, which is exactly as it sounds, as played by various Toronto celebrities (none of which I knew). And there was an all night-seminar on how to pick winning lottery numbers.

Last think I checked out was a series of bicycles linked to generators around a fountain. You could pedal and either run the fountain or light a light bulb, to demonstrate just how much power it takes to do either (which is a lot!).

There was good crowds around everywhere, restaurants were all open and there were food vendors, and the TTC was running all night! I wasn't impressed last year, but thought the energy was much better this year, and I saw better stuff overall as well.