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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Labour Day Weekend: A Cycling Odyssey

With three days of great weather and not much else planned, i turned most of the long weekend over to riding, and covered a total of 234 km! And at the same time I exceed my total distance covered in 2008.

Started on Saturday by taking the Waterfront Trail out to Oshawa (actually a bit beyond Oshawa), one of my favourite rides as you spend a lot of time riding right on the lakeshore on the bike trails or on quiet streets. Now that I've found a Timmy's in Pickering the ride had gotten even better. In Oshawa I got on the GO train to come back into the city (after covering about 70 km), but I was feeling pretty good and the weather was still great, so I ended up getting off at Danforth station (instead of Exhibition, the closest to my place) and rode south to the Beach boardwalk, and home from there, another 19 km.

On Sunday my brother and I caught the GO train down to Niagara Falls for the day, a ride I've done once before. I think they had more water going over the Falls for the holiday weekend compared to the last time I was there (they divert some for hydropower) as there was a lot of spray coming from the Falls that day. After passing the Falls we rode down the Niagara River Trail to Fort Erie, which we spent about an hour checking out. It's a classic star fort design. It got blown up twice in the War of 1812 (first time by accident, second time the Americans did it deliberating before leaving it) but was restored in 1938/39. On the way back we stopped off at the site of the Battle of Chippawa, the first time the Americans managed to defeat an equal number of British regulars. That was another great day and I covered about 82 km total.

Monday the plan was to bike down to Oakville and see marinav and ionelv. The original plan was brunch, but they had a hurt dog so we spent the afternoon playing some games at their place instead, so they could keep an eye on him. I was going to bike back, but even though i had a tail wind on the way down I was kind of pooped when I got there, and the thought of going back against a head wind did not appeal. So I wimped out and took the GO train back, but I did manage to stop into the Film Festival Box Office and get my film tickets. That was another 60 km.

That's the most cycling I've ever done in three days by along shot, and I doubt I'll break that record any time soon.