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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Crisis Averted!

Could not find my wallet this morning. Panic!

I had ridden my bike to work yesterday, and when I do that I put my wallet in my panniers. When I went to retrieve it this morning, I couldn't find it. After checking five times and looking in all the other places it might be (and looking under a lot of stuff, I really need to pick up my apartment), I remembered that at work the previous day I had reserved a library book online, and that I had to have gotten my wallet out to check my library card number, so it was possible it was still sitting on my desk. As I had ridden yesterday instead of taking the bus, I wouldn't have realized that immediately. So I found sufficient change to purchase a few subway tokens, made it into work highly tense, and found my wallet under some papers. Whew.

I'm going to have to keep a few bucks around somewhere from now on just in case I do really lose the wallet, having no cash available at all and no bank card could really jam you up.

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BTW, the lj discussion the other day around Creation and movies made seemingly just for us is the subject of tomorrow's Does Not Equal : )

Always happy to act as the muse!

Or it could really free you up.

Sometimes, as I pack my bag each morning with wallet, suglasses, coat, umbrella, lunch...I remember the days of walking out of the apartment with nothing but an ID in my back pocket...and only at my mother's insistence, lest I get hit by a bus.

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