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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Culture and Cycling

My last week's worth of activities are dedicated to whitesangria. :-)

Had a week of cycling and culture. Saw The Widower, a 1959 B&W Italian black comedy at Cinematheque with Eric and Gillian (B&W and subtitled, which makes it extra cultural) which was a lot of fun. As part of the Toronto Summer Music Festival I went to their free student night for some classical music. It was so damned impressive that I dropped $10 in the donation box, they were all completely amazing. And at the Music Garden there was a performance of Baroque music and dancing.

The long weekend was given over to cycling. Did an outing with the regular bike club on Friday evening (which was a little frustrating at the leader that evening was setting a very slow pace for me). Saturday did a round-the-city ride with the other bike club. It started near York University at 10 AM, so I started by taking my bike on the Subway and then on the Keele bus north (I love the bike racks on the buses). We went north some more, across the top of the city, down the Don River valley, lunch at the Esplanade, along the waterfront (avoiding Caribana) and then up the Humber River valley, a grand total of 83 km. The pace this time was a bit faster than I'm used to, so it was work to keep up all day, and I was really pooped in the evening.

Sunday I took off and got a bunch of errands done, with more episodes of Vifam with my brother in the evening. I learned yesterday that the final five episodes aren't available yet, so I'll just have to be patient and not explode waiting.

Sunday I took the GO train down to Niagara Falls. There's a train from Union at 9:40 AM that they add an extra car to, just to hold people's bikes. The ride down is just over two hours. My plan was to head south on the Niagara River Trail down to Fort Erie. It was a great ride, the trail was almost empty, even on a holiday weekend, and it's paved nearly the entire way. The hardest part was getting past the Falls. Traffic there, both pedestrian and vehicle, was so nuts I had to get off my bike and just walk it for about a kilometer, which let me get a good view of the Falls in any case. My total distance that day was 76 km, which was actually a lot easier than the Saturday ride as I was setting my own pace. I'm going to have to go back before the summer is out and try going north instead.

Next, Worldcon!