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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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In no particular order...

Recently saw Joel and Melanie at a Polish pub in celebration of Joel's birthday. Joel apparently likes the Polish beer because you can peel the labels cleanly off of each bottle.

Attended the Serial Diners dinner at the Keg Mansion, my favourite steak place in the city. Dave and I eat there whenever we have something to celebrate (like surviving Anime North), so it was nice to be there with everyone else. It's not nearly so crowded as it is on the weekend, there was no problem seating about 20 people, something that would have been impossible on a Saturday.

Due to fears of thunderstorm's my bike club's ride on Saturday was cancelled, but I took to the road anyway, heading out to Oakville and beyond. At 2 PM the rain did seem imminent so I turned onto the Appleby GO station just ahead of the skies opening up. Took the bus and then the subway back home, where I had to dash from Ossington Station back to my place in a downpour. Still, I got out later that evening to the Kapisanan Philippine Centre where Regina was participating in a play reading. She was quite good, although I'm force to say that I think the show was stolen by Three Asian Guys and their extremely funny manifesto on how Asian men are treated in Western culture. Their reading is supposed to be turned into a full play next year, and I'll have to be on the look out for it.

Sunday got to yoga class, had brunch with Kyle, made it down to the Music Garden for a flute performance (which was amazing) that ended five minutes before the skies opened up again, and got together with my brother in the evening for more episodes of Vifam (which, again, is an amazing show).

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GEEZ, you are always so freaking busy! I don't know how you find the energy!

Ah, I'll just be watching tv otherwise, better to get out and do something interesting.

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