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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Spent last weekend visiting Shirley and then Karen with my brother up in Muskoka. The big news up there is that the G8 will be meeting at the resort Deerhurst next year, and preparations are ramping up. There's a lot of money being pumped in to build up the infrastructure in the area, and according to Karen everyone within 50 km is plotting how to a) how to get their hands on some of it, and b) how to meet Obama. Karen also attended one of the public meetings concerning the security restrictions, where one of the security reps said outright that if your home was in the high security zone you really should think about just taking a vacation.

Shirley unfortunately wasn't feeling great on the weekend, and ultimately went into the clinic to be checked out (turned out to be nothing serious). Karen was recently finally laid her hands on the ultimate Puzz-3D, their New York Skyline. Over 3000 pieces (by far the biggest Puzz-3D ever made), and as it was made in 1999, it includes the WTC towers. She and I have often put together an entire Puzz-3D on a weekend, but this one is going to take a long time.

Finished off the third season of Maria-sama ga Miteru. Thank Newton Right Stuf already has announced they have the rights for the fourth (and final) season now showing in Japan.

Saw The Man Who knew Too Much Tuesday with Regina in Yonge-Dundas Square, the first movie in their Free Movies in the Summer season. The weather looked iffy, but the rain held off. This was the 1958 Jimmy Stewart version (Hitchcock originally made the film in 1934), which I don't think I've ever seen completely thru from beginning to end. Aside from the odd drunk in the crowd, it was a good night out. But I was reminded why I never eat at the Pickle Barrel, the service takes forever.

The weather also held up on Canada Day. I went out on my bike and did a big circuit around the city, getting lost a few times (I have no sense of direction whatsoever). Got back to my place to meet up with Janet and watch this year's Anime North Music Video Contest (which I missed at the con as usual). Janet noted that there was five different Linkin Park songs used in the contest this year, something she puts down to most Linkin Park songs being about identify, a popular theme with late teens and twenty-somethings. We went down to the waterfront to check out the fireworks, but as there was no wind at all, the smoke just formed a single stationary column, and the fireworks got more and more obscured as the event went on. Janet found it intriguing however, interpreting it as a battle being waged between Earth and Heaven.

And Thursday Robert Charles Wilson launched his latest book, Julian Comstock, at the Merril Collection. Great turnout.