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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Saw the final episodes of Pushing Daisies. So pissed they cancelled a show this good when there's so much crap still on.

Started watching Law and Order: UK, which is kind of fun, especially considering both Apollo and Martha are on it, and Apollo gets to use his actual accent. I love the use of "Crown Prosecutors" in the opening. I also love that it's an actual British show, completely with slang and the occasional near-incomprehensible accent. You know, showing already produced British shows (see also Merlin) has to be a lot cheaper for American networks then making their own.

Thank Newton we have a compost bin in the back of the house, so I can deal with my Green Bin contents at least.

Saturday I hosting this month's Space-Time Continuum meeting, talking about some stories from this year's Gardner Dozois' Year's Best SF. I'm always nervous, even after all these year's, that people won't find anything to talk about my choice of books (or stories) but we had a really good discussion, and I'm very pleased about it. Had Joel over in the evening to introduce him to Cowboy Bebop.

Lots of cycling on the weekend. Friday evening I went out with the bike club, and ended up riding right past my place on the way to Taste of Little Italy for sandwiches. Sunday after yoga class, dim sum with my brother, Dave and Louise, Karen and Shirley, and assorted kids I rode out to Oshawa, a 70 km ride as the trail winds. I took the GO train back and was really beat last night, but feeling quite good today. I'm going to ride into work tomorrow which should put me over 1000 km for the year to date.