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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Brief Catch-Up

Did the Ride for Heart again this year and it was great as always. I spent the preceding week worried as rain was predicted, but while it was gloomy to start with I only experienced three drops (although when I got to York Mills it had clearly just rained there). Less wind than in any previous year as well. I was finished the 50 km in record time for me and will plot and plan about doing the 75 km next year. The only real problem with that is you have to start at 6:45 AM.

My friend Heather Wood has a very successful launch for her first book Fortune Cookie, published thru Tightrope Books. Capacity crowd (and then some) at the restaurant.

Last Saturday was Who Party 14, a one-day Doctor Who event, and I tip my hat to all concerned. Their attendance was pretty near their hotel cap (300 people). Their main guests were James Strong (who directed Impossible Planet and Satan Pit, and who offered live commentary to the first), and Colin Teague, who directed and offered live commentary to Fires of Pompeii. Fun Fact: The caves they shot Fires of Pompeii in were actually so cold David Tennant had to keep ice cubes in his mouth to keep his breath from steaming. In the evening was actor Toby Hadoke's one-man show Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, about his life as a Doctor Who fan and how it's helped him bond with his young son, which had a sold-out run in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year. Funny as hell and worth the price of admission all by itself. Plus Dealer's Room, some panels and videos, and the knitted Dalek!

Had to duck out for an hour in the afternoon that day to make an appearance at the Small Press Book Fair at the Toronto Reference Library and say hi to handful_ofdust and kelpqueen, among others.

The Anime North wrap-up meeting went very well, with department reports generally being "Things were awesome this year!". And they were. Nearly got a hand cramp writing cheques for people to reimburse their con expenses. I set out that morning to ride my bike to the Doubletree for the meeting, and got halfway there before realizing I had forgotten the chequebook. Had to rush back home, and then took the subway and a bus (with my bike) up to the hotel so I do some more riding after the meeting. I've never used the bike rack at the front of the bus before, and as Martin Grove is really bumpy in places I spent the ride in fear that my bike would go flying, but it arrived intact.

And speaking of cycling, my friend Paul Reinis was in a nasty bike crash today which cycling thru Europe with his girlfriend. According to his Facebook update he's broken his collarbone in three places, which really sucks. Not just for ruined vacation, but this is going to screw up his riding for months (which is the real tragedy here).