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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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And here we go...

Tomorrow night is the pre-reg check-in for Anime North at the Doubletree. Spent the day at the hotels double-checking the set-up instructions. The Program Books and Pocket Programs have started arriving (and look great), the storage lockers have been emptied out, and Eileen and Cathy will spend the evening at the Doubletree setting up the con office.

Things have been going really smoothly this year. Pre-reg is excellent, higher than last year. There haven't been any crisis and not even much drama. I've taken the whole week off of work and I found the time to spend all of yesterday afternoon out on my bike. My email inbox has about eight messages in it right now. And we're suppose to have great weather all weekend.

Stuff will happen on the weekend because it always does, but I think we'll have a really great Anime North this year.

And when it's over I'll have my whole summer free.