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Not Dead

Geez, haven't posted in ages. Just been busy and a little stressed.

Anime North is only two weeks away but (fingers crossed) everything seems to be going well. Had a staff meeting on the weekend which pretty much consisted of people saying everything is on track. Pre-reg has bumped up a few hundred over last year, so we'll see how many we end up getting. Just hoping for three days of clear skies.

We did an event with the Toronto Public Library two weeks back now (geez, I'm really behind) that went quite well. They wanted to get in on "this anime thing", so we arranged for a well-known costumer to come in and talk, and for a screeing of the film "The Girl Who Leapt Thru Time", which is a completely fabulous film. About 120-140 kids showed up, many in costume, and TPL is really pleased with how it went. We'll likely do some more with them in the future.

Managed to find the time to attend Hot Docs. One of the best was Paris 1919, which is based on the Margaret MacMillan book of the same name about the Paris Peace talks. Which was kind of a misnomer as only Wilson was really interested in peace, everyone else either wanted to crush Germany or grab their piece of the pie. Great doc, and the only problem was the director rambling about not much for ten minutes at the start. Also great was Action Boys, about several Korean guys who went to a stuntman school in 2004 and what they are up to now. Funny as hell in many places, but also oddly touching as these guys try to figure out their lives.

Haven't been cycling as much as I would like. It looks like we're getting a repeat of last year when it rained on the weekends a lot. Argh.


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