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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Weekend Update

Had my bike out for the first time this year, a couple of 30 km rides on Friday and Sunday, which were great. But I'm really out of shape, as they left me pretty tired. If I want to set a new distance record this year I'm going to have to work on it.

I spent a half-hour on Sunday careful installing a new speedometer on my bike, a wired one (with a wire connecting the sensor on the front fork to the mounting bracket on the handlebars) to replace the wireless one that was just too erratic to be much use. After carefully aligning everything and checking to make sure it was working properly, I went to trim the plastic zip ties that secure the mounting bracket on the handlebars, and CUT RIGHT THROUGH THE CONNECTING WIRE!!!! After a lot of cursing, I tried to splice the wire together, but it's not working well. I know that I can get a replacement bracket from Mountain Equipment Co-op for $5, but it's the bother of going down and and installing it again that's driving me nuts.

Speaking of Mountain Equipment Co-op, I was down there Saturday (picking up the speedometer) looking for a new knapsack, as my trusty old U of T one is developing a hole in the bottom. But after looking over every knapsack in the place, I couldn't find the right one. They were all lacking a single feature I wanted to have (not waterproof, lacked a mesh pocket on the outside for a water bottle or umbrella, too few pockets, damned ugly, etc.) Might go back to the U of T bookstore and get the same model again (not perfect, but I'm used to it).

Saturday got together at the Dumpling House with my brother, davemerrill and dwinghy, and David Cotterill, who runs the English anime con Minamicon (three Dave's out of five people, it got confusing). It was interesting to talk shop with him as English cons have to run some things rather differently then we do. For instance, hotels don't offer discounted function space if you fill up hotel rooms, you have to pay for all your space, which explains why English cons tend to be smaller and more expensive that North American ones. They actually caps their con at 450, and sell out on one day when they open pre-reg. It would help knowing exactly how many people were coming to your con in advance.

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It depends on the hotel; some of them offer free function space with rooms. I know since the venue I was at this weekend specifically advertised it in the sheet in our con bags. Good venue organization: they even ran their own session at the con to advertise what their chain could do for other cons.

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