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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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benet was in town last weekend and it was really good to see him at Diners. This summerIi am going to head down to Madison for a long weekend so we can do some cycling.

Speaking of, I dropped by my local bike shop to see if I could bring my bike in for a tune-up, and had to make an appointment for April 20th. The guy said all the bike stores are backed up that badly now. Still, it's supposed to be sunny all the long weekend and I'm getting out cycling no matter what!

Director Edgar Wright (Shawn of the Dead) has been in town for a while now working on the Scott Pilgrim movie, and he's been presenting movies at the Bloor. Last weekend he was doing a Jackie Chan double bill so I went to see Police Story. I haven't seen it in a while and I'd forgotten just how batshit insane the opening shanty-town and closing shopping mall sequences were, as well as practically everything else in the film. Wright said he'd just seen an advance release of Fast & Furious and that it was shit compared to this film. Colin Geddes (of Kung Fu Friday fame) was there too and he provided some of his gonzo trailers to the evening.

Still in Asian Film mode, the U of T East Asian Film Club had a screening of John Woo's latest film Red Cliff - Part II (they showed Part I last fall). It's abut an epic battle that helped bring about the fall of the decrepit Han dynasty and usher in the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history. Part I was good, but being mostly set-up definitely wasn't completely satisfying alone. Part II was the real pay-off with plans, cunning, trickery, deceit, giggle-inducing scenes of manly brotherhood, huge battles, and of course white pigeons (which actually play a plot point for once in a John Woo film).

Went shopping for new glasses with the help of my friend Myna. I think I've got a really nice new set of frames picked out, so expect to see a new me in another two weeks or so.