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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Greg Malone

Tuesday I was at This is Not a Reading Series to see Nfld. comic actor Greg Malone talk to Ralph Benmurgi about his first book, You Better Watch Out, a childhood memoir. I have early memories of watching Greg and his longtime partner, Tommy Sexton, on TV growing up (where they portrayed a series of motley characters on various local variety shows), and I wasn't disappointed by this event.

I've always much preferred when going to an author event to have either the author just talk or be interviewed, rather than a physical reading, because I can always buy the book (with the exception of Neil Gaiman who I prefer to talk and read), and Benmurgi did a great job, having obviously read the book himself so he could lead Greg in talking about the book specifically and other topics that the conversation lead into, like the importance of comedy and storytelling to Greg (and Newfoundlanders in general) in dealing with issues in his life, having the upstairs of his house rented out to Americans while he was growing up, and attending the (good) school run by the notorious Christian Brothers (who were involved in the sexual abuse of children on a large scale). It was a great evening and left me thinking about stuff from home that I haven't thought about in years.