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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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A Damned Fun Weekend

A little of everything on the weekend. Started off Friday by going to a taping of the Rick Mercer Report with my brother (who arranged it). Rick Mercer is of course very, very funny. My one complaint is that we actually don't get to see as much of him at the taping as I like, as a lot of the show consists of recorded segments around the country (which we see as they can get audience reaction). But he talks to the audience for a while at the start end end, and you can line up to shake his hand afterwards as well. If you watch the show tomorrow night Dave and i are in the back row on the left.

Afterwards we went back to my place as Dave had found the full-length Japanese version of Bullet Train. From 1975, it may be the original "vehicle can't slow down or it'll explode" movie. A bomber (he's not mad but he's certainly upset) rigs a bullet train to explode if it drops below 80 kph. We had previously seen the English-dubbed version, but it's almost 40 minutes shorter than the original, having a lot of the character interactions (especially between the bomber and his pals) taken out. The longer version flows much better and we understand the motivations of the bad guys much clearer. Plus it feels much more "real' that your typical glitzy Hollywood action movie, nobody does anything impossible and both sides make stupid choices at times. Recommended.

Saturday had brunch with Paul at La Hacienda, which as great omelettes but terrible coffee. Mid afternoon I took the GO train out to Bronte to be picked up by marinav and ionelv for a day with my board games group. We were having a potluck at the home of the group organizer, Rachel (thank you for your hospitality!), and I got to play a great game of Carcassonne and also got to try out the amazing new Battlestar Galactica boardgame.

The game's great for a lot of reasons, such as you get to choose to play specific characters (I was Tigh), and before you start you all have to draw a "Loyality" card that tells you if you're a Cylon or not. Play is co-operative, everyone has to work together to resolve the crisis that occurs every turn, except the Cylon players can secretly work against the human players to leave the Galactica in the lurch, so for the first half of the game you're trying to figure out who the Cylons are (it's usually obvious by the second half, and there are tactical advantages to the Cylons revealing themselves by then anyway). Anyway, it's complicated, but it's a freaking load of fun if you're a Galactica fan. I (as Tigh) ended up drunk early on (that's his weak point), but ended up declaring Martial Law and taking over the Presidency by the end (when Cylon Tyrol took out Tom Zarek, the acting President). I got to blow up a Base Ship with a nuke, and my final act was to fix the damaged FTL control so we could jump to safety and win the game. Humans 1, Cylons 0.

We broke up at 11 PM, and with the weather closing in it was touch and go if I could make it back to the GO station before the final 11:25 PM train to Union. Fortunately, the train was running late due to mechanical problems, else I would have likely missed it. Did have to stand in the cold for 20 minutes waiting.

Sunday was much quieter. Yoga at the gym with Melanie, brunch afterwards with her and Joel at Butler's (which has great coffee but only so-so eggs), and some book / comic browsing before going back to the gym for some cardio and taking it easy the rest of the night.