Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

Quick Hits

Back to work. Sigh.

Over the holidays I saw JCVD and am now really sorry I didn't man up and go see it at Midnight Madness when it played at the Film Festival (who cares if the next day was a work day?). Thought it was great, and it was the biggest crowd I've seen at the Bloor for a non special-event showing in years. I've always had a soft spot for Jean-Claude van Damme, and the pokes at Stephen Segal were priceless.

Also saw Repo: The Genetic Opera, mainly as Anthony Stewart Head plays the Repo Man, who instead of your car repossesses your internal organs when you fall behind on the payments. He also keeps Alexa Vega (the girl from Spy Kids locked in the tower) in a pretty skuzzy future. I liked it well enough, although the film is so dark and washed out it's not always possible to tell what's going on. There were a bunch in costume present that are doing the film a la Rocky Horror, but fortunately not at that showing. While I have nothing against fans in action, I'd rather see the film in question straight first.

And the Royal had a free showing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Another good crowd, who have obviously all seen the film six times (Help help! I'm being oppressed!). Nearly everyone stayed for the two minutes of electric organ music with the blank screen that ends the movie.

And in a higher cultural note the new Ancient Ukraine exhibit at the ROM is just gangbusters! It's full of fascinating info and artefacts about a culture I've never even heard of before, and it's well laid-out to boot (more than you can say about the new diamond exhibit). A friend of a friend was playing piano in the restaurant during brunch that day, but I was so wrapped up in the exhibit I didn't get there in time to see her.
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