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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Non-political update

Last Friday went with the brother, davemerrill, and dwinghy to the free Japanese Film at the Bloor (courtesy of the Japan Foundation) Shangri-La. by gonzo film-maker Takashi Mikke. Mikke works like hell and turns out all sorts of films (of variable quality) in every genre there is, but this was the first comedy/drama/feel good film of his I've seen, and I really enjoyed it. A small homeless community, lead by the mysterious Mayor (in a fright wig and dark glasses), take on the financial turmoil that hit Japan in the early 2000's, helping out a printer who's gone bankrupt. The film almost entirely avoids sentimentality, and was a surprising gem.

Saturday was busy. First there was the launch of the new Canadian SF anthology, Tesseracts 12, at Bakka. jack_yoniga has a story in it, and I caught up with several people that I knew. Right from that it was over to the ROM for this great lecture on recent discoveries at the site of Troy. They've spent 15 years conducting a magnotometer survey of the site and the new maps they showed were amazing. A big problem with digging there is that the Romans built a city on top of the old Bronze Age ruins in a lot of places, so you have to dig up excellent Roman houses to get to the stuff you really want.

Unfortunately, I had to duck out of there half-way thru as the brother and I had tickets to see the Kiyoshi Nagata Ensemble, a totally kick-ass taiko drumming group. We see them every year at their big Ryerson concert, and we were not disappointed this year. We even had seats three rows back from the stage, right in the center. They were completely amazing as always, i just wish they had more shows in Toronto each year.

Sunday I actually got up early to go to a yoga class at my gym, as my flexibility has always been awful and i need to start working on it properly. It went well, and while I was sore the next time it wasn't impeding me. That is, until I went to the gym yesterday evening. I decided to do some sit-ups, and the moment I started I got complaints from parts of my anatomy that usually don't do so. I had to promptly give up, much to the amusement of two young woman nearby.

And Monday was a special showing of an early Sammo Hung movie Enter the Fat Dragon, at Innis Town Hall. The young Sammo comes to Hong Kong from the country and stumbles from one situation after another. Crude, nearly plotless, but a lot of fun. Features the least convincing "blackface" makeup on a man since vaudeville. Colin Geddes, who provided the print, said as far as he knew this was the only complete print of the film in existence now, which surprised me.