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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Info on current government crisis

Who knew Canadian politics could be so fascinating? Remember that we had record low turnout in the election six weeks ago? This is what happens when you don't vote, people. Trying to say that any government we could get reflects "the will of the people" can be shot down one way or another thanks to first-past-the-post vs. popular vote vs. whatever. It also hurts to see how many people seem to have no idea how the Parliamentary system really works. I think we were all so hypnotized by the American election we think Canada runs the same way. Maybe this will actually make people get off their butts and vote next time.

Anyway, while Dion is a lame duck for PM, he's still a better choice than Harper IMHO. The coalition knows that if they manage to form the government, they've got to stick to what works for the country as a whole and actually get things done. If not, they're all toast when the next election comes and we'll get a Conservative majority (hopefully without Harper at the helm). I still think it's the right thing to do, Harper is completely out of control.

My favourite site to keep up with all this is Impolitical. Check it out and scroll down and you'll find info on how to contact the Governor General and ask her to not suspend Parliament, all that will do to delay the inevitable confidence vote and we have to get this settled one way or another.