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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Change is good!!!

I recently emailed Olivia Chow, my MP, to express my support for the coalition of the Liberals and NDP, her reply is below. I encourage everyone is contact their MP, vote in the on-line polls, show up at the demonstrations Saturday, and generally do anything else you can to express your support (for either side, I gonna be fair about it).

Thank you for writing to me about this very important issue. We stand today at a crossroads in our shared history.

Elected with just 38% of the vote, Stephen Harper acts as if he has 100% of the power. Instead of attacking this economic crisis with a meaningful stimulus package, Harper chose total inaction and cheap political tricks. This isn't what Canadians voted for. This is not what working families need in these tough times.

New Democrats are working with the other opposition parties to put forward an alternative government - a coalition for real change. The agreement on how the coalition government will work is fair and balanced. And the action plan to stimulate the economy is prompt, prudent, competent, and most importantly, effective.

Please join us in a rally to support democracy and the formation of a coalition government to deal with the economic crisis in this country. There has never been a moment in our history as Canadians where more has been possible. You are the majority. Be part of the change. This Saturday noon our voices will get louder. Join thousands of progressive Canadians this Saturday who say "I'm part of the 62% majority!"

Toronto RALLY FOR DEMOCRACY - Saturday December 6, 2008
Time: 12 Noon
Location: Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto

For more information about rallies across Canada please visit www.makeparliamentwork.ca <http://www.makeparliamentwork.ca/> .

You may have noticed that all the major networks and newspapers have polls on their sites today asking people what they think of the coalition plan. The Conservatives have an army of highly-motivated underlings out there voting like crazy, but the fight back starts here! Please visit each of these sites and make your voice heard."






Please invite your friends and neighbours to be part of this historic change.

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I voted for the coalition everywhere, and against prorogation.

You had to be careful when you read each poll, as some required you to vote "yes" and others "no". I was surprised at how differently each poll was phrased.

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