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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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New Office

My workplace packed up and moved this week, as the (rather larger) company we were sharing the building with decided they wanted our space after all. They did give us some advance notice.

So MSC Software is now situated at 200 Ronson Drive, which is just off of Martin Grove, just north of Dixon. Transit-wise, I'm going to the same subway station, the bus runs more often, and it should shave 8-10 minutes off my commute. It's a longer walk to the bus stop in the evenings (have to cross at the lights) but I can live with that. And I am within easy walking distance to the main Anime North venues again, which is helpful. I'm planning on hitting every hotel we do business with on the Airport Strip up for a free lunch within the next month.

Had a fine dinner with handful_ofdust on Tuesday at C'est What. Wednesday saw one of the Japan Foundation free films at the Bloor, a wondrous stop-motion piece called Shisha no Sho (The Book of the Dead). Done with puppets, it's about a young noblewomen and her quest for enlightenment, which gets sidetracked by a ghost. It does stuff I've never seen stop-motion do (scarfs flying in the wind), but plotwise it was rather perplexing until I did some reading up afterwards (thanks Google!). You needed to have some grounding in Buddhism to really understand it, I suggested afterwards to a JF staffer looking for comments that it would have helped to have a short primer on the relevent items to pass out to people as they went in.

Thursday managed to make it to the gym again (need to make it a real habit) and saw Gonzo, about Hunter S. Thompson at the Revue. 2008 has been a very good year for documentaries.