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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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And Sunday I rested

A very busy couple of days, with one day off for me-time.

Wednesday I was down at C'est What to catch up with M.K., who I have not seen in a geological age, and see a friend of her's who was performing there that night, a jazz/blues artist named Tyler Yarema, who was freaking amazing. Seriously. I thought he was going to break his keyboard in half at times. He's now on my list of local performers to go see whenever they play.

On my way down there I passed the line at Future Shop for the World of Warcraft expansion. I took a look for my friend Joel, who had expressed interest in getting it that night, but apparently I missed his joining the line by a few minutes, he ended up being the 40th person in line and got one of the very remaining "collector" editions (and a nifty hat). On my way back that night I passed the line again, but it was just letting in and I missed Joel again.

Thursday I dropped into Janet's to hang out for a while, it being her non-stop TV watching night. I haven't seen an episode of ER in about two years. Had no idea Pratt was dead.

Friday I actually managed to catch up with Joel (and Melanie). Melanie's brother-in-law, Chris Flanagan, has a art installation in the new exhibition at York Quay Centre, so there was a gathering there for the opening night. I highly recommend going down to see the whole thing, as there's a lot of great stuff there. Chris' piece includes an endless audio loop of a reggae DJ he admires (and who he has never met face to face) singing about what an amazing guy he is. If I had something like that I'd make it my ringtone.

Afterwards we tried to see about getting into the AGO for opening night, but the line was too long and the weather too dreary, so we opted to drink at the Savannah Room instead (I'm ending up there a lot lately).

Saturday started off with the SF Book Club, and my presentation of Karl Schoeder's Lady of Mazes, which I think is his best book, and I'm very pleased to say we got a great discussion out of it. After that I ducked over to Irwin and Lisa's for a bit for their monthly get-together. Irwin had gotten the WoW expansion the day before and was playing that all day. Steve Parker had some episodes of the new Merlin series from the UK, which is kind of goofy (it's teenage Merlin, who has to hide the fact he's a warlock because magic is forbidden, hanging out with teenaged Arthur) but I found the leads all quite engaging. And it's got Anthony Stuart Head as Uther Pendragon, who's a complete ruthless bastard.

And after that I made my way up to kelpqueen's place as she was having a birthday party for hubby jack_yoniga. Also there were handful_ofdust (getting her drink on, see her LJ for details), zerciamoon_custafer, green_trilobite, my brother, Joel and Melanie (again!), and other non-LJ people, so I'm not sure if they count. I made sure that the cheese was eaten.

Sunday I slept in till noon, as I deserved it, and then played some Runescape. But I went into the gym for the first time in months as I've put the bicycle away for the winter, and I've got to get back into the habit of going there again. Didn't do that badly on the stairmaster, but my flexibility is still completely awful. I'm seriously thinking about attending some yoga classes or the like over the winter to help me with that, anyone got any recommendations?

And speaking of my bike, I put in over 2300 km on this this year. Yay!