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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Weekend Update (in brief)

Quite a social weekend for me. I caught up with Melanie and Joel at Clinton's for a few hours late Friday night (which contributed to me getting a slow start on Saturday). Saturday evening was a student dance exhibition at sarcasm_hime's belly dance academy, which was a lot of fun. sarcasm_hime was, of course, great.

Sunday afternoon I stopped by Aaron and Janet's place to give Aaron a hand in moving a bunch of stuff out of the house and into the garage. Aaron's got to get some sort of control over that house I'm sorry to say, there's junk from eBay and video equipment from his rental business all over the entire place, and I know it's stressing Janet out a lot.

Sunday evening was the Burning Effigy Press Fall event at the Savannah Room, and the evening was a lot of fun. They had an improv troupe and some really good readers, including a guy named Dale Percy who does "jazz poetry", was dressed more-or-less as a 50's noir detective, and was just amazing. Definitely keeping an eye out for any more performances by him. And handful_ofdust did a reading went over very well with the crowd (her newly discovered secret "Read something short enough to actually finish"). Haven't seen her in a while so it was great to catch up some.