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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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All Candidates Meeting

Attended the Trinity-Spadina All Candidates Meeting last night, and it was an evening well spent.

Overall I'd say the Liberal, Christina Innis, won the night. She was knowledgeable, forthright, and in general a really good speaker. The Green guy, Stephen LaFrenie, did well too. I found Olivia Chow (NDP, who I do like) to be a little scattered in comparison. She had one of the worst moments of the night over the cancelled debate at U of T, cancelled because the NDP wasn't going to show up at it (she said the NDP didn't want to have the debate on Rosh Hashanah, and that they tried to negotiate a different date).

This being Trinity-Spadina, you can imagine that the Conservative candidate, Christina McGirr, was in for a rough time, which she was. But it didn't help her that her responses were pretty much limited to talking points about how much the Conservative government has spent on this and that over the past two years, she stuck to facts and figures when the other talked about ideas and she suffered in comparison.

For entertainment, we had cartoonist Chester Brown, running as a Libertarian. His response to almost all the questions was a variant of "Libertarians don't believe / have no opinion on that", and he never came close to using up his one minute to answer. Libertarians apparently believe in property rights and not much else. And he was sitting next to Olivia, who was diametrically opposed to his viewpoint in everything (except as it turns out immigration, Libertarians was fine with people moving to Canada).

Finally, we had Independent Carlos Alemida, who didn't seem to be hugely well informed, but who was willing to sit up there and talk about whatever was running thru his head, so he certainly gets points for trying.

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Olivia Chow's excuse is very acceptable. There would have been no Jews in the audience as it is one of the holiest of days in the year. I respect her for doing that.

It is a real concern, she just seemed unprepared to talk about it.

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