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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Labour Day Weekend

Spent most of the long weekend on my bike, racking up a total of 215 km over the three days! Go me!

Saturday Dave and I headed west down the Waterfront trail towards Hamilton, intending to take the GO train back. But did you know the GO train doesn't actually go out as far as Hamilton? It stops at lLdershot and there's a bus the rest of the way. Fortunately I figured this out just before we left. It was a great ride, but Dave decided to stop at Aldershot. I pressed on to Hamilton, with the trail ending at the HCMS Haida (a WWII destroyer, I got there too late to take a tour, do that next time) and backtracked to Aldershot. That's the furthest west I've ever gone. Got home and collapsed, spending the rest of the evening re-watching Downfall (the Hitler in the bunker movie made by the Germans) with the director commentary track on. Really interesting.

Sunday I stooged around the city on the bike, going out to the endof the Leslie St. Spit, out the end Beaches boardwalk, north along the Don Valley trail, and across the town of the city back home. In the evening got together with my brother, davemerrill, and dwinghy to see The Killer at the Bloor. It's been a while since I saw this movie, and while it's still really cool, I had forgotten just how melodramatic it is, with the slow-mo and the freeze-frame reaction shots and all. But as davemerrill pointed out, it's the movie that all these clichés came from in the first place, so it gets a pass. The scene where Chow-Yun Fat and Danny Lee hold guns to each other head's while they try to convince Chow's blind girlfriend they are old pals is still a complete classic.

Monday I when down to pick up my Film Festival tickets (got 7 out of ten of my first picks). Had to stand in line for 1.5 hours to get them, while was a lot longer than usual for me. All the time I kept thinking, "I could be biking!". Anyway, I went out east along the Waterfront Trail towards Oshawa. Didn't quite make it this time, as I needed to get back for a dinner meeting Anime North-related so i had to catch the train at Whitby.

Still, I'm really pleased. I wasn't even that sore today, although I have to get up and walk around a bit at regular intervals to keep my legs from getting too stiff.

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(Deleted comment)
Hey, a 62 *mile* ride is nothing to sneeze at. Is the country very hilly there?

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