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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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You've got to be careful when you're reading history books on your daily commute, and not just because they tend to run on the heavy side. I'm currently reading Ian Kershaw's <i>Fateful Choices</i>, about ten key decisions made by world leaders in 1940-41 which he argues essentially decided WWII (Hitler invades Russia, Mussolini invades Greece, Roosevelt setting up Lend-Lease, etc). Like all Kershaw it's quite good.

Anyway, today I'm on the bus reading, and I'm figuring that I've get at least another day of reading out of the book considering the number of pages left. Then I take a quick flip thru the remaining pages, and find that the bulk of what's left is footnotes and references, I'm bound to finish it off this afternoon!

Good thing I checked, the idea of being on my current extra-long commute to Brampton (have to work at a client's site) without fresh reading material is truly scary.