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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Catching Up...

Wow, it's been a while (as usual)...

Weekend before last had a BBQ at Irwin's for the Anme North exec, and we invited along the exec from Ad Astra and Polaris as well, so we could swap stories/advice/etc. Eileen got a whole cooler full of steaks from a butcher she knows, and they were really, really, good. A great afternoon.

I cycled down to Irwin's and got rained on. The weather cleared for the BBQ, but on my way back i got rained on again. I HATE that.

Got together with my brother and Dave Merril and Shandle to watch <i>Message from Space</i>, a <i>Star Wars</i> rip-off with Vic Morrow (made shortly before he was killed filming <i>Twilight Zone: The Movie</i>). Sonny Chibi is in it for about 10 minutes. Princess goes in search of warriors to save her planet under attack by the evil empire, only the first three guys she finds sell her into white slavery, and then feel bad about it and get her back. As Shaindle rightly said: BullSh*t!

Music Garden last week had a very good string quartet. The first piece was modern and frankly had too many sudden stops and starts for my tastes. Second half was a classic piece which, according to the women who playe dthe cello, the last time they played her bow disintergrated half-way thru, but they had better luck this time. You know, there's just something about a women who plays the cello. Or the string bass.

Last Friday was a fundraiser put on at the Toronto Free Gallery by some friends of friends, who are making a documentry about a woman reggae singer, which involved them going to Jamacia and coming back with 47 hours of footage, when they now have to edit down. They were showing pictures from their trip and a trailer for the film. On exhibition were a series of photos of various reggae singers and DJs, which I thought at the time also came from their trip, but thurned out to have been taken in the 80s. In my defense the clothes and backgrounds (mostly beat-up looking locations) were kind of timeless, although I did think the photo of the guy selling his independent 45 was a little odd.

Because I'm working off-site at a client's currently, I'm not getting much chance to bike into work (way too far to go). i did go into my usual office one day last week and rode in. On the way back I was feeling pretty good so I kept going and planned to go out to the end of the Beaches Boardwalk. Approaching the Boardwalk the clouds started to look nasty, and as was about to turn around, not wanting to get rained on again, but two women joggers assured my the clouds were moving away from us. I took a chance and pressed on. When i got to the end of the boardwalk, it had obviously just rained, the trees were still dripping, but I missed it for once.

Saturday was the Anime North Doujinka (independant comics and art) Festival at the Japanese Canadian Culture Center. It's our first year doing something like this seperate from the con itself, and things went pretty well. We didn't get the turnout of Anime North, but Jessica is pretty hapy with the results. Kudoes to her and her crew!

Also saw <i>Tropic Thunder</i> which is very, very funny. Perfect casting and a concept that stays funny from beginning to end. Robert Downey Jr. is especially brilliant, and as everyone is saying, maybe the bes tTom Cruise performance ever (at least in years). A must see.

Sunday had brunch with Myna, and had a nice long bike ride, along the Waterfront to Humber River, up the HR trail to Lawerance, across the top of the city to the Don River Trail, and down to the waterfront again to catch up with Andrew and Sarah for Andrew's birthday. I was kind of late for that as I had misunderstood when everyone was getting together for dinner, but still managed to catch with with almost everyone there. On track for putting in 2000 km before winter comes.

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The big joint BBQ sounds like a good idea, I should mention it to the Michigan conrunners.

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