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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Recent films

I've been to Yonge-Dundas square a few times recently to take in their free Tuesday night films. Two weeks ago it was Annie Hall which I saw with Rebecca. Great movie, but bad weather, we spent half the film huddled underneath our umbrellas. Last week it was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I was with Regina. Much better weather, but some flake got up on the stage in front of the screen half-way thru the film and started yelling incoherently and blowing a whistle. After a minute or so some security types showed up and slowly herded him off-stage, being careful not to touch him at any point (lawsuits or lice I wonder). Still, free big screen movies. There was a great crowd for Eternal Sunshine as well, the chairs were full and people had bought mats so lie on the concert on either side. I had never seen it before and really enjoyed it, Elijah Wood is such a little turd in it.

Saturday got together with Janet. First saw Prince Caspian at the Bloor matinee. Janet was running late for that, but fortunately for her they started off with The Incredible Hulk, which they had to stop and fix, giving her just enough time to get there. I liked the first Narnia movie, and I liked this one more. It's darker, has a great villain who refuses to whine even when he's got a sword to his throat, has real strategy in the battle sequences (I'm always a sucker for that), and the kids are all great again. After that we did some bookstore browsing, and back to my place for some episodes of Gatchaman. Then back to the Bloor for The Incredible Hulk for real. Much better movie than the first one. Ed Norton is so much better than Eric Bana at portraying a character is the worse bind you can think of, but with the inner strength and smarts necessary to stay one step ahead of his pursuers and still be a scientist. Plus the action sequences (especially the rooftop chase in Brazil that didn't even have the Hulk in it) were much better. And all the fanboy bits were fun too.

What I really loved is how the opening credit montage brings the viewer completely up to date on the story so far. Even if there had been no previous Hulk movie, that would have been all you needed to get up to speed, instead of spending the first hour on the origin (a big mistake in the first Fantastic Four movie).