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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Cycling Update

Saturday I went down to where the Toronto police have stored all the stolen bikes on the chance that the bike I had stolen last year was there, but no luck. They must have had well over a thousand bikes on display, arranged in alphabetical order by manufacturer name. Most of them were in sorry shape, missing a wheel or two, and almost all of them had rusty frames, rusty gears, rusty wheel rims. I don't know if they were all like that when they are stolen, or if it was due to poor storage and no maintenance, but my vision of riding my lost magic white bike home in triumph likely wouldn't have come true even if it was there, it probably would have cost me a couple of hundred dollars to get it back in shape again.

Putting that behind me, on Sunday I headed out east on the Waterfront Trail, and made it out to Oshawa. Once you get out to Scarborough the trail starts running along the lakeshore again, and it's quite spectacular in places, especially at Ajax. The trail goes right past the Pickering Nuclear Station, right up to the fence, but there isn't much to see. It's about 70 km out there, but I was helped by a strong tail wind for almost all the ride. I took the GO train back from Oshawa (end of the line), and got back home shortly before the daily thunderstorm. Next time I might take the train to Oshawa, and go further east, I love doing new vistas.

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You're probably already aware of this, but the Globe had a map on Saturday showing all of the places where the police have the stolen bikes on display. They're actually spread across something like 8-10 different garages, warehouses, and similar buildings. So don't give up hope - it may just be in a different location. :)

I think those are just locations that bikes were found, according to the Toronto Police webpage, all the bikes on display for potnetial pick-up are at their warehouses on Strachan Ave.

Still, they said on the radio this morning that they've recovered another 700, so I'll likely try again on the weekend.

What was this guy doing, just hoarding bikes like they were old magazines?

I was going to ask if you went to look for your bike – sorry you didn’t find it. From what I’ve heard, some of the recovered bikes were stolen up to ten years ago, and I’d supposed the thieves were being very cautious about reselling them, but if many of them are rusted, I’m starting to wonder if it was just hoarding. People have hoarded weirder things.

Hm, the way I read the article, the police were renting these other facilities in order to display the bikes. Maybe I read it wrong.

And I think you're right about the hoarding... though from all accounts, his store was nowhere near big enough to display all of the bikes he had (whether legitimately or not). It's like he had an addiction or something.

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