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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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1000 km!!

As of Sunday I hit 1000 km on my bike so far this year, which was as much as I did all last year. Let's see if I can't get in another 1000 km before the snow comes.

Did it in two stages. Friday I was out with the bike club. We went up to Dutch Dreams for ice cream (which was very good), and then to a Greek place on the Danforth. We got to Dutch Dreams going up the Beltline, a trail up an old railway bed. It's down in the ravines, so when you're one it you'd never know you were even in a city. I'm always amazed there are places like this in Toronto that I never knew existed. Make me wonder what else I'm missing.

Sunday I had brunch with Paul H., and we did some cycling on the Don Valley trails, out to Victoria Park and up to Edwards Gardens. As it was pouring that morning, I took my bike over on the subway to where we were having brunch. It cleared off by the time we were finished so we decided to chance it, but we got rained on twice in the afternoon, having to take refuge under some trees. While it made everything nice and green, to also resulted in a lot of mud, by the time I got home my back was covered with bits flicked up by my rear tire. Once after going thru a particularly muddy patch my tires started picking up fine gravel and I had to stop and clean it all off with a stick before I could proceed.

There were several tree branches down from the earlier downpour, and the streams in the parks were running particularly high. There's a point in one of the park where the path forks, and over one section the water runs over the path. I've got thru there at times with no problem (although I wiped out there a few months back), but yesterday it was an authentic raging torrent.

What else... Saturday afternoon I saw Hellboy with the SF club. I liked it well enough, but the plot still seems lacking, even though it was an improvement on the first movie. The visuals were damned impressive, del Toro must have had some childhood nightmare about figures with no eyes in their faces but on other parts of their anatomy, it's an image that keeps popping up in his movies.

Rest of Saturday I was over at moon_custafer and green_trilobite's place, for a Movie Serial Day, green_trilobite having about two dozen of them on DVD now. I cam in about half-way thru Republic's The Mysterious Dr. Satan, but it only took my brother about 14 seconds to get my completely up to speed on the story. After that it was onto Columbia's The Shadow with Victor Jory, obviously loving it (he really had the laugh down). The Columbia serials had more money that the Republic ones (more and better locations), but Republic had the better fight choreography (they did a lot of Westerns) and way better cliffhangers. The Shadow cliffhangers were all resolved at the beginning of the next episode by The Shadow picking himself up under some rubble, dusting himself off, and going about his business. Four times there an explosion, and a large roof beam falls, and then assorted debris, they just kept redressing the set so they could use the same effect over and over again.

After the biking on the Sunday, the plan was to meet with dwinghy and davemerrill at the ex-Paramount to see Dark Knight. We got there at 7 PM, only to find that the next available show was 9:30 PM, and while we were in line it changed to 10 PM. We decided we didn't want to see a 2.5 hour movie that late with work the next day, so we just ended up having some dinner and hanging out. It's likely Dark Knight will be around for a while anyway. :-) Just have to avoid spoilers.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks. If the weather ever settles down I'll see about biking into work more often, and that'll really rack up the kilometers.

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