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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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First, let's welcome slytherin65 to the wonderful world of LiveJournal.

Short but busy week at work, with the promise that it'll get a lot busier. I got a phone call from an old client in Brampton looking for my FEA services for a few months, so he'll have to talk to my boss Monday to start working it out. A big project like this is good, but I'll have to commute to Brampton again at least part of the time, which sucks. Oh well.

Monday Shirley gave me a lift down from Huntsville, as she was picking up her next guest at the bus station in Toronto. Wound up having dinner with her, my brother, Catherine, and the two kids at the Dumpling House on Spadina, which is fast becoming one of my favourite places to eat at. Four adults, two kids, we were all stuffed, and the bill was just $50!

Tuesday did some biking on the islands with some friends. The lineup for the ferry was huge, but Rebecca got there early enough to get a place in it, and anyway it ended up moving pretty fast. Nice afternoon just riding around in the sun.

Yesterday was Arts Night. Made it down to the Music Garden for the first time this year to hear "The Queen's (Quay) Trumpeters + a Timpanist". I wish we could get the island airport shut down for the times the Music Garden is in session, it's really annoying to have the planes and copters droning over the music. After that made my way to The Supermarket for one of the opening events in the Scream Literary Festival, famous(?) poets read the works of up and coming poets, plus Emily Schultz read the winners of the EYE poetry contest. Not a bad night, except if your the host and you specifically state TWICE that you are taking a short break, it shouldn't last 45 minutes! But the last batch of poems of the night concerned Louis Slotkin, a Canadian researcher with the Manhattan Project who was fatally exposed to radiation when an experiment with sub-critical masses of uranium went awry. He died nine days later, but insisted that they constantly monitor and take medical samples from him to chart the progression of his deterioration. Worth staying for, at least in my book.

Does The Scream always run in competition to The Fringe?

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Points for bravery to the unfortunate Slotkin - I've always felt sure that if I were exposed to fatal levels of radiation, I'd want euthanasia, as fast as possible and by any method available (occasionally, and through college, I'd look around outdoor spaces trying to figure out where I'd stand if I heard the three-minute warning in order to be vapourized in the flash).

On a happier note green_trilobite and I went for a walk in the park yesterday, stopped for coffee and ran into Mark Asquith and his friend Allison (who I think is an AD at Stratford). Spent an hour and a half talking comics.

Oh, also he mentioned having interviewed John Barryman, who must have been up for Pride - green_trilobite just found some Youtube footage of him in the parade (which we tried to watch but it got too crowded).

John Barrowman is in town because he's a judge on the Canadian version of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? He was a judge for the original UK version as well.

Solkin died with his boots on, or in this case his lab coat.

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