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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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In Huntsville

Up in Huntsville for a few days visiting with Shirley. I borrowed her bike this afternoon despite the occasionally thunderstorm blowing thru (just like in Toronto), and had a great ride, getting only a few drops on me. Apparently it poured rain while i was gone, and the skies opened up literally seconds after I got back. For once, someone up there likes me.

In other news, had the wrap-up meeting for this years Anime North. Saw <i>Wall-E</i> Friday, which completely rocked. It looks amazing, and had great characters and solid story. Whole chucks of the film have no dialogue at all, something Disney would never let them get away with. Only thing was some idiot in the theatre fell asleep during the show and started snoring till someone wake him up.

Also saw <i>Mongol</i> with Catherine and enjoyed it as well. It was shot in Kazackstan and was filled with incredible wide sweeping shots of the steppe. The character were all pretty stoic at all times, which threw my brother off a bit when he saw it, but I didn't mind that much (Sarah: They all live in Outer Mongolia!). It's going to be the first part of a trilogy. And the music is great as well (Catherine called it Mongolian Metal).

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I absolutely loved the music...and the movie, to a large degree. Especially the relationship between Borte and Temudjin. The way that any given person could have ragged on him like: "You do know people keep screwing your wife, right?", and all he'd have to say to win that particular argument would be: "Yeah, like one of YOUR wives would ever hitchhike to Tangut to get YOUR ass out of jail."

Always go with the woman with strong legs.

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