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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Biking, Ditko, Guy Madden

Wednesday evening I meant to go on a ride with the bike club, but through a combination of the meet-up point being further away then I thought and a sudden downpour on the way there delaying me an addition 10 minutes, I got there 20 minutes later and everyone was gone. Oh well, I might do the ride Sunday morning if I can get out of bed in time.

My fallback for Wednesday was to go over to the Merril Collection where there a presentation on a new book about Steve Ditko, also attended by my brother, green_trilobite, moon_custafer, and gurudata (who was surprised to find anyone at all he knew there), among others. The presentation on the book itself was pretty good, I'm apparently the only person in the world who didn't already know that Steve Ditko was an Objectivist. The Q&A was cut short so they could try to show a documentry on SD that has so far only aired in England, In Search of Steve Ditko, but both copies of the DVD they had crapped out at about the 13 minute mark (they need to get an LG DVD player like I have, it'll play anything). So they did some more Q&A to make up for it. Apparently Steve wasn't talking to Stan Lee for over a year while they worked on Spider-Man, which lead to drawing and lettering mix-ups in some issues.

They are going to try and show the documentary again at the upcoming Paradise Comic-Con at the Holiday Inn on King, which unfortunately is the same weekend as Polaris.

Speaking of, I've got my panel schedule for Polaris, and it's not bad this year. I have one morning panel out of four, and it's at 11 AM.

Thursday I was heading home along College and encounter line-ups at the Royal Theatre. They were showing My Winnipeg at 8 PM, and Guy Madden would be there. I got in the rush line, but it was no joy, hardly anyone else got in. I consoled myself with some Sailor Moon later.

I was out for my lunch-time stroll this afternoon when I ran into Anne Ostrum, who used to come to the Space-Time Continuum meetings a few years back, but who I hardly ever see now. It turns out she works just a few building down from me, and has for five years (!). We'll have to have lunch soon.

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I would have been at that Ditko thing except, of course, I work nights.

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