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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Weekend Update

Pretty busy weekend. Got in a nice long bike ride Friday evening (and got home just in time for the final-till-2009-the-SciFi-Channel-sucks episode of Battlestar, which rocked).

Saturday planned to have brunch with Paul, but his bike team kept going and going that morning so I dropped into Boom! near my place myself, and caught up with Paul later in the afternoon. Ran into a friend of his who works for the CBC who saw my Anime North staff shirt I was wearing. Turns out he and some friends were at the con this year and had nothing but praise for it, which is always nice to hear. In the evening I made my way out to Oakville via the GO train to meet up with marinav and ionelv for Board Game night at the Williams Coffee Pub out there. Played two games I haven't played before, a German boardgame called Elfenland (you have to circle the board trying to pass thru as many towns as possible while ending up in your home city) and a D&D parody card game called Munchkin.

Sunday morning was brunch with Hayden and Charlene and little Wesley at Saving Grace on Dundas, a place we hadn't been to before but which was quite good. The patio out back was about five feet wide, but we had a breeze and an umbrella so it was no problem, the odd wasp aside. I did some more biking in the afternoon and made it over to the Toronto Islands to try to see the Biker Courier races that were being held there, but they were so delayed, maybe due to the weather, that I finally gave up and came home. I twice during the day had to stop and hide when the skies opened up, and I haven't biked into work either yesterday or today for the same reason, you never know if it's going to rain 20 minutes from now or not, even if the sun is currently out.

Sunday evening Dave came over and we watched the two-part Stephen Moffat Doctor Who story, which was quite good if not as good as last year's Blink (but then, what could be?), and the second episode of the new season of the Venture Brothers, which actually featured the titled characters (not that I'm complaining about the previous week's premiere featuring the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend, it was great. ). It was only at the end of the evening when Dave was leaving that I realized that we were identically dressed (AN staff shirt and blue jeans). Thank Gnu we hadn't been seen in public.