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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Weekend update

Saturday was the Small Press Fair at its new location, the JCC (not to be confused with the JCCC). Caught up with kelpqueen, handful_ofdust, moon_custafer, and green_trilobite. It's a much better location than the Trinity-St. Paul center where it was held for some years, not least which because it's air-conditioned. There's also room for more tables, and there's still enough space for people to move around freely, which encourages them to stay longer. Nice going Myna!

Sunday I went for a major bike ride along the Lakeshore (so I could get some breeze) and ended up going just over 100 km for the day. I'm not sore or anything, but I have been a bit tired all day, so I'm looking forward to turning in early tonight. After the ride yesterday I headed down to visit davemerrill and dwinghy at their place. davemerrill puts together Anime Hell for the con. I usually try to see it at Anime North, but the room was packed to capacity this year so it was good to catch it at his place. My brother also bought along the Sonny Chibi Golgo 13 movie so we watched that as well. It's quite insane. dwinghy pointed out that the Hong Kong cop in it looked like a Chinese version of Lyle Waggoner, which he totally does!