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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Survived another one

Anime North 2008 has come and gone, Thank Gnu. I think we had a really good year. Paid attendance was 13,300, about a thousand higher than last year, the weather really co-operated with us, and more major events started just about on-time than at any AN before. And our Japanese guest, Halko Momoi, had a really good time. She donated one of her dresses to the charity auction, and it went for $750, which was more than they got for one of her dresses in Japan.

I'm still pretty tired, but another good nights sleep should take care of that. And now I've got my summer back.

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I was the person at the charity auction that bid $700 for the dress, only to be topped out by one of her fan club members that flew in from Japan. I know Halko wants to come back, so I conceded the dress to the FC member. When she comes back, please ask her to put up some more extravagant items up for bid! ^_^

My dress auction "report" is here:

Thank you, Mr. Simmons, for organizing a great AN. Best one I've been to in six years.

-- GipFazed (Dave Lim)

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